The original portfolio of Patriot won Special Mention at the German Brand Award in the category “Excellent Brands”. A true honour and wonderful night hosted by the German Design Council in Berlin. At the time, we had been working relentlessly on launching Patriot and winning the award was truly a breath of fresh air.

When Patriot was re-started in 2017, such a feat so soon was unimaginable. We are very humbled to have received this award and regard it as one of the building blocks towards staying true to our fundamental beliefs: premium branding through emotions.

The award was won accompanied by the following text:

Patriot is an umbrella lifestyle brand created to help people express themselves. All of the products within the portfolio are fast moving consumer goods that are each specially produced in premium quality with mid-segment prices. This is done to both allow consumers the benefit of good quality and to challenge the industry standards set by large multinationals. Patriot is a brand for the people. Designed by De Dunes Collective.